Adoption Info



In 1928 Herbert Hoover said during his Presidential Campagin,

“A chicken in every pot and a car in every garage”………………..

84 years later we are still striving for this dream.


In 2012 PetStarship issues a challenge for our great planet…….

“A PET in every home” …………we believe it to be attainable.

With YOUR help!

There are MILLIONS of adoptable animals on earth.

There are MILLIONS of people without pets, or just one pet who needs

a buddy for when we are not with them. We know more people without

pets, then those that have them. So now is the time to act on this.

If you already have a pet and know the joy this can bring to your life,

then pass on the information to the petless people of the world.

If you are a pet owner……Time to grow the pack!

These are actual photo’s of animals who need LOVE and can

certainly return the LOVE. From various shelters……………






We have the power to save these animals. Here is what you can do…

1. If you already have a pet, start growing your pack.

2. If you know someone who does not have a pet, you must take

    the initiative to take them to the local shelter. For their own good.





Because we all know the fate of unadopted animals