Animal Communicator

Dana Miller is the “Animal Communicator”



I recently had the pleasure of conversation, with what I would describe to be the most interesting person I have met in the pet industry.

Dana Miller is an “Animal Communicator”. Dana has a gift so amazing, that if we all possessed this ability we would all have the happiest most content pets. Dana has the ability to communicate directly with your pet. Yes you just heard correctly. Dana can communicate with your pet. Telepathically. She does not need to be in physical contact with the animal so her specialty is communicating with pets that are lost. Dana has an outstanding success rate in bringing animals home. I was simply impressed.

According to Dana some pets, well … just do not want to go home. I read a fascinating account of a dog that had left a happy safe home because she “felt a calling within herself to take this journey”. As a pet owner, I feel like I can understand this because of the connection I have with my pets. A pet owner who does not share a special bond with their pet might think this is madness. If you ask Dana, many animals are smarter and more aware than we give them credit. Most animals know exactly what they are doing and follow their instincts to a very high degree.

Dana feels that everyone is capable of communicating with their animal telepathically to some degree. However like learning to play a musical instrument, there must be study, practice, patience and a relentless commitment to the love of animals and their owners. I find it interesting that in the world of science and science fiction that we find it easier to believe that we can find a way to communicate with aliens from other planets before opening up to the possiblity of communicating with the animals of earth. Dana Miller is living proof that we can.

Along with your Veterinarian, you should have Dana’s phone number in your rolodex, iphone or computer. We all know how important our pets are to all of us. If yours should get lost or displaced or maybe even stolen, you will want to give Dana Miller a call. Please do not take my word for it. Just read the testimonials from many pet owners who were re-united with their pets.


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