Aquarium beginners




Aquarium beginners…rejoice.

What kind of tank should I buy? How many fish? What kind of fish? Well here are a few tips to help you on your way of loving fish as your pet.

First of all you need at least a 20 gallon tank. Smaller tanks are not ideal for beginners…larger tanks are more stable for temperature and water chemistry. Don’t forget to always clean the sponge and other biological things in the tank. Dont use tap water…it may kill useful bacteria. Try to use cleaner-filtered water if you can. That’s why you need to clean 25% of the tank monthly while not over feeding the fish. Twice a day is plenty…some feed every other day.

When looking for fish make sure there are no split fins or damaged gills. Release them into the tank gradually by floating the bag gradually, about 15 min. The general rule is one fish per gallon….BUT do not put ten fish in ten gallons. Just be sensible. One last thing…avoid too many chemical additives unless you understand their use.

There you go, if you have any other questions please e mail us here at the Pet Starship.