Canine Medical Bay


Dog first aid…what you need to know!

We all know that people get sick…but what about dogs? Yes, they do, so what should you do in an emergency? First of all keep calm and don’t panic. There are plenty of medicines out there that are ready to help your dog and keep it pain free while saving its life.

Most die from Illnesses and injuries than old age. That’s right…just like humans that get diseases (Cancer, Leukemia). A lot of deaths can be prevented if the owner had prior knowledge on how to take care of them. Obviously don’t put the dog at risk at anytime. Most people let the dog walk next to them with out a leash and they get hit by cars.

First aid for dogs is essentially the same as humans. First ease the pain of the dog before the situation gets worse. Dogs in pain react differently than humans. They get scared and confused which makes them unpredictable and dangerous. So the first thing you should do is keep the dog calm. A nuzzle might help because dogs are prone to bit in stressful situations. Make sure there is no vomiting, then how the dog is breathing. Look at the chest movement and check the airways of the throat for breathing. Remove the object if there is one. If very bad bleeding, place pressure on the area…again, just like humans.

The first aid kit is as important as bedding, crates, and grooming tools. When you get a puppy, pre packaged first aid kits are important. You can also put together a kit with the help of a vet.

A basic kit should include blunt tipped scissors to cut tape, bandages and a trimmer to cut hair from injured area A clean safety razor to remove fur from around the wound. Tweezers and sterile needles to remove splinters are important. A syringe with out the needle will be used to administer oral medicine. A bulb to flush wounds and to force feed the injured dog.