Celebrity’s and Cats



Kelly Osbourne (Left) and Mischa Barton


Celebrity cat owners such as Sharon Osbourne & Mischa Barton are known to treat their feline friends to aromatherapists, behaviorists’ and stylists but a recent survey commissioned by new super-premium cat food brand, Perfect Fit, has revealed the next celebrity cat owner must-have – the Perfect Fit Feline Foodologist™!

Perfect Fit has unveiled the new trendy cat-care service in response to the revelation that over 53% of Brits don’t know that cats prefer eating a high protein diet and are probably returning home to miserable moggies!

Celebrity cat owners such as TV cleaning extraordinaire, Kim Woodburn are clambering to be the first to get in-line to treat their pampered puss to an exclusive private consultation with the Perfect Fit Feline Foodologist – the Gillian McKeith of cat nutrition.

Kim Woodburn comments, “We put so much focus on human nutrition ensuring we eat a balanced diet to reflect our body needs but we’ve never really considered that our feline friends would have individual requirements depending on their daily activity.

Daisy is such a character, she loves racing around in the garden and rolling in the flower beds, but I never realised that she should be eating a diet that reflects her active way of life. Until I met the Perfect Fit Feline Foodologist I knew absolutely nothing about the importance of Macronutrient Profile for cats, but I can now rest assured that Daisy is in tip-top condition.”

Perfect Fit Feline Foodologist, Abigail Stevenson is an expert in feline nutrition, who understands the importance of tailored, balanced nutrition for cats. Abigail is trained to find the correct diet to suit every cat’s individual lifestyle and lifestage, providing the ideal macronutrient profile (MNP™) to ensure optimum health.

Perfect Fit Feline Foodologist, Abigail Stevenson, comments, “Every cat is unique and their diet should reflect that. Cats require perfectly balanced nutrition, which is tailored to their individual age and lifestyle to ensure that they are happy and healthy. It’s important for owners to find the appropriate diet for their cat and one that is high in protein and low in carbohydrate is what they instinctively prefer.”

The study by Perfect Fit reveals that nine out of ten Brits think that a Feline Foodologist service would be much more help than other feline experts. Over 64% of Brits agree that they wouldn’t think twice before whisking their furry-friend off to a Feline Foodologist to find the right diet to keep them happy and healthy.

The Perfect Fit Feline Foodologist recognises that all cats are unique and their diet should reflect that. Perfect Fit has been developed as a result of over 20 years of research at the WALTHAM © Centre for Pet Nutrition – the Worlds Leading Authority on Pet Care and Nutrition, which has shown that cats instinctively prefer diets that are high in protein and low in starch / carbohydrate.

Perfect Fit is the first brand of dry cat food that offers cats a diet closest to the ideal Macronutrient Profile (MNP™) – i.e. the amount of energy derived from protein (40%) / fats (35%) / carbohydrates (25%).