Dennis and Claire Tyler




Dennis and Claire with Goyo and Blue Eyes


Dating back to 1996, Dennis and Claire Tyler have worked around the clock to find homes for thousands and thousands of Retired Greyhound racers. These Greyhounds are primarily from Melbourne Greyhound Park and in some cases the Daytona Beach Kennel Club as well.

Dennis has been a “Greyhound adoption person of the year” which was awarded to him by the “American Greyhound Track Operators Association” in 2008.

Dennis Tyler was selected for his 24-hour-a-day commitment to finding good homes for retired greyhounds including those with special needs; for caring for the health and welfare of the dogs until they can be transported to adoption organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada; for raising funds to support his adoption activities; and for serving as a mentor to new adoption organizations.

Thank you Dennis and Claire for all the hard work.


Dennis gettin some love




Trailer used to transport Retired Greyhounds to other states