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Sometimes parents get nervous about having dogs around when they have small kids at home. They watch every minute of their baby and dog to make sure everything is Ok. So we found an interesting story from the LA times.

Your dog and cat need not worry about being replaced by a brand new baby in your family. Fact is they could be helping parents raise healthier children. A new study finds that children who lived with dogs or cats during their first year of life got sick much less frequently than kids from pet free homes. The study was published in the recent edition of the journal of Pediatrics. This provides fresh evidence that an overly clean environment may not be ideal for babies.

Sharing a home with a beloved pet may be an early form of cross-training for the body’s defense systems. Much research has shown that owning a cat or dog was associated with less risk of gastroenteritis in young children. Certain studies also suggest that the dirt — and microbes — brought indoors by pets could actually bolster the communities of helpful bacteria, yeast and other microscopic creatures that live in a developing child’s body.

The American Society for Microbiology showed that mice fed dust from homes with dogs were less likely than other mice to contract respiratory syncytial virus, which is thought to play a role in the development of childhood asthma. Microbes in their guts were significantly different from that of mice that were not exposed to doggy dust.

Overall, the researchers found that cats and dogs were linked to a reduced incidence of various types of illness. The effect was stronger for dogs than for cats: Babies who lived with dogs were 31% more likely to be in good health than their counterparts who didn’t. Babies with cats had a 6% advantage over those without feline family members. The children with pet dogs were 44% less likely to develop ear infections and 29% less likely to have used antibiotics during their first year, the report said.

Although living with a cat or dog was correlated with good health, the benefit was biggest when those pets weren’t around the house very much. In cat-owning households, babies whose cats were indoors more than 16 hours a day were healthy 70.8% of the time. But in homes where the cat was inside for less than six hours a day, babies were healthy 78.2% of the time. For the sake of comparison, young children who lived in cat-free zones were healthy 66.1% of the time.

Kids with homebody canines were healthy 72.2% of the time, and that figure rose to 75.7% for children whose dogs spent fewer than six hours indoors each day. In dogless households, babies were healthy 64.8% of the time. The researchers offered a possible explanation for the puzzling pattern: Pets that spent more time outdoors brought more dirt into their homes, giving babies more opportunities to encounter it. This could have caused their immune systems to mature faster than they would have otherwise, they wrote.

“It’s more support in a growing body of evidence that exposure to pets early in life can stimulate the immune system to do a better job of fighting off infection,” Fisher said. The new findings could help assuage parents-to-be who worry about the health consequences of exposing their infant to a pet.

“What I always tell them is this: It’s actually very helpful to have a cat or dog around because we tend to see less allergies,” Fisher said. “And now I can tell them we’ve even seen less chance of upper respiratory infection in the first year of life.”




Dogs put bite on insurance firms!

We have all heard about mailmen getting bit when delivering mail. Normally it is not that big news. What does make the big news is if that person sues the owner of the house and insurance companies get involved.

State farm insurance paid over 109 Million dollars in dog bite claims. That’s 3,800 dog bite claims in 2011.90 million and $3,500 claims in 2010. Then you have all the other insurance companies that paid a total of $479 Million in 2010. Researchsaisthat 4.7 Million people were bit and half were children 5-9 yrs old. TheUSpostal office was not happy when they learned that 5,600 letter carriers got bitten. They had to spend over a million dollars in claims last year (2011).

What makes dogs have this type of behavior? Heredity, training and socialization are key factors. The ASPCA predicts half of all children will be bitten before the age of 12, usually from the family dog. The avg claim was $28,800 per person.Californiahad the most claims at 369 andFloridaat 146. The best way to prevent this is to have them on a leash. Just quick pointers on dogs…don’t bother a dog when they are eating or touch it when sleeping. How you treat dogs around the family is how they will act.


1)California..   527  claims…20.3 Million paid.

2)Illinois…..  309  claims…10 Million paid

3)Texas………5.1 Million paid

4)Ohio…….  215  claims…5,4 Million paid

5) Penn……  .197  claims …19.7 Million paid

6)Mich…….  181  claims…..7 Million paid

8)Indiana….  139  claims….3.5 Million paid

9)New York..133  claims….6.1 Million paid

10)Minn…….117  claims…3.5 Million paid




Dogs for the Blind


In the future hopefully their will not be any blindness in humans. We will have the technology to prevent it. Before that happens though, we have guide dogs for the blind. These wonderful creatures on four legs are trained to help humans in their path through a dark life. Here are some quick facts on how these specific canines got started and why wee need them for than ever.

It all started after WW II when wounded serviceman needed help walking because of their lost of sight. The idea was developed from Lois Merrihew and Don Donaldson in 1947. The first German Shepherd that was used was called Blondie (named after the famous Cartoon Strip of that day). The first location was in San Rafeal Ca. A second location was opened in Boring Oregon in 1995. German Shepherds (Community Canines) were used initially, but then abradorswere brought in. The only main issue is that Yellow and Black ones are allowed(Chocolate are prone to health and behavioral problems due to genetics),The dogs come after the initial puppy raising stage…normally 8-12 weeks in AZ, CA, CO. ID,. UT. TX, and Wash.The trainers always look for certain health problems along the way. Then they are matched with the appropriate person. After the dogs help in this industry and get older they do what is called a career change. They become pets for other people…or sometimes go to breeders to help other great dogs that may help the blind.




Here is Senator Bert Brackett speaking during a joint finance appropriations committee.He is also involved in the Animal Abuse bill.

Animal Abuse Bill

As most of you know Pet Starship is behind stopping Animal Abuse and the laws that go with them. Read this report and please support passing this Bill. Thanks to the Huffington Post for sharing this news with us.

 Those who batter, abuse or kill dogs and cats would get the same public scorn as sex offenders in bills introduced in legislatures throughout the U.S. Online registries for convicted animal abusers already have been approved in three New York counties, including Suffolk, where the nation’s first takes effect May 7. Twenty-five states have considered such laws since 2010, according to the Animal Defense Fund, which is leading the campaign. Backers say the bills recognize a growing awareness of animal rights — and the public-safety benefits of stopping abusers, who studies show often go on to harm humans. “There’s a mountain of evidence that says we need something like this,” said Michigan Representative Harvey Santana, a Detroit Democrat who’s proposed a registry there. “There is a strong correlation between people who abuse animals and graduate to abusing people.”

The case of National Football League quarterback Michael Vick Executive director of the fund, which says it has 100,000 members. Vick was sent to prison in 2007 on charges of conspiracy to break dog-fighting laws, not animal cruelty, Wells said. ‘Common Sense’ “It’s frustrating to see repeat offenders commit these crimes and get away with it in people’s eyes,” said Wells, 47, in a telephone interview. “The registries appeal to people’s common sense.” The animal-abuse idea is an outgrowth of registries for sex offenders begun by states in 1996 under order of Congress. The initiative isn’t uniformly supported by animal-rights organizations.

“Community members have a right to know when a convicted animal abuser is in their midst,”Bellsaid. “People who abuse animals rarely do so only once.”SuffolkCounty’s registry is administered by its Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. A person who abuses or kills animals is five times more likely to commit violence against people and four times more likely to commit property crimes, according to a 1997 study by  North Eastern Univ. and the Massachusetts SPCA. Serial killers who abused or killed animals includeBostonstrangler Albert Desalvo, “Son of Sam” David Berkowitz and Carroll Edward Cole.  “There are no Republican dogs or Democratic cats,”Bellsaid.


Humane Society presents the 26th

Genesis Awards in Beverly Hills

With Carrie Ann Inaba as host


Genesis Awards





     Daniel the Miracle dog

Miracle Dog…Was it was meant to be?. We think so.

Last week I was talking to the staff at Huffington Post and saw an article about a miracle dog. It was written by one of their best. So thank you Tara Kelly for a very inspiring article. A 20-pound beagle named Daniel surprised animal control officials after escaping death in a gas chamber, reports the associated press. After no one claimed the stray dog at a shelter in Florence,Alabama, Daniel and 17 other un adopted pets were sent to the gas chamber, notes the New Jersey Star Ledger. But after 17 minutes, Daniel was the only pet to miraculously survive, said animal control officer Vincent Grasso of Florence,Alabama in an interview with NBC. The dog has now found refuge in Rockaway, New Jersey, after Linda Schiller, founder of Eleventh Hour Paper arranged for the dog to be flown up north with the help of Pilots n Paws, a network of registered pilots who voluntarily relocate animals to rescue groups, reports the New Jersey Ledger. Florence city spokesman Phil Stevenson says no one is sure why Daniel survived, but cites three animals who’ve survived the gas chamber over the past 12 years or so, reports. The humane Society estimates that between six and eight million animals are brought to shelters every year, and three to four million of them are euthanized in the gas chambers. Schiller is hopeful Daniel’s survival will raise awareness of the campaign to stop gassing un adopted pets. Many states have banned gas chambers for euthanizing pets, including Alabama. But that law won’t come into effect until next year, reports NBC.





    Duncan                         Scott Dunn at Duncan’s grave

Dog Rescues man from Fire

Sometimes humans just don’t understand why dogs were put here on earth. Is it to bring happiness?..Companionship?..or to save us from harm or death? Well when you read what happened recently to a man…you will know the answer. We would like to thank our Animal loving friends at Huffington post for sharing this article with us. Dean Praertonius always does a fine job. A Cobb County, Georgia man is alive today because of his best friends heroic act. Scott Dunn was sick when he fell asleep on his couch next to his 3-and-a-half-year-old boxer, Duncan, according to the Atlanta Journal. When he awoke to the dog pawing at him at around 3: He really is…mans Best friend!! 3:00 a.m., Dunn thought Duncan just wanted to go for a walk.

But, when Dunn opened his eyes to a roomful of smoke, he realized something was terribly wrong, according to CBS Atlanta. “Duncan was covered up with me, and I fell asleep, and the next thing I knew, he was poking at me and barking,” Dunn told the AJC. “Normally, that means he needs to go out, but when I woke up, I couldn’t see because there was smoke. ”Dunn grabbed his keys and headed for his truck, holding Duncan by the collar. When he reached the vehicle, he found the collar in his hand, but no dog attached to it. Though Dunn wanted to go back into the house to fetch his pooch, his neighbors convinced him not to. Duncan was found curled up on Dunn’s bed after firefighters put out the blaze. “That’s my boy. He saved my life,”. “He saved my life, but I couldn’t return the favor. It was too hot in there. I couldn’t get back in there.