Dogs on Camera


       Justin Silver


Dogs on Camera

We all know how popular and important pets are in a family, especially dogs. So now it seemsHollywoodwants to promote that too. The next few months there will be many shows on prime time TV about dogs. Some of the shows are new and interesting, some not at all.

CBS has “Dogs in the City” starring dog trainer and businessman Justin Silver. It is on Wed at 8pm. He works out problems like Joint custody after divorce and other issues. It is very similar to Dog Whisperer starring Cesar Milan. That show is on the National Geographic channel.

Then you have “It’s me or my dog” with Victoria Stilwell on Animal Planet or “Bad Dog” on the same channel. That is a focus on bad behavior that some dogs have in a home.

“Shelter me” is one that many are looking forward to watching. It’s a PBS Documentary narrated by Katherine Heigl and sponsored by a pet food company co owned by Ellen DeGeneres. It follows an animal control officer and adoption workers who help acquire dogs from shelters.

HBO will premiere a documentary called “One Nation under dog” Stories of Fear, Loss and Betrayal. It showsAmericasobsession with dogs and how far they go to keep them healthy and happy.

The Disney Channel has a live action Multi Camera show called Dog with a Blog. It revolves around a dog named Stan(Who is really a 4 yr old called Kuma.)

     Cesar Milan