Equine Medical Bay



Equine First Aid.

The great thing about animals is that they are so close to humans when it comes to first aid. Especially our Equine friends. So here is some quick information on how to take care of your four legged 2000 pound friend.

First aid is broken down to two types. Treatment that does not require medical attention, the other is one that requires a veterinarian when they arrive at the scene.

A few Pointers to know:

Calm yourself and proceed in a slow manner. That way the horse will not get too excited and scared.

Watch the horses attitude. If you can safely approach, then do. If not just wait for help.

Get the horse familiar with the area if possible so you can work on him/her. Re assure them with a nice stroke on the neck and talking to it.

Safely assess the wound.

Seek advice from a vet if wound is too big.

Allow 30-60 min for fresh wounds to stop bleeding. Large wounds need to be sutured to promote healing and minimize scarring. Apply a thick pad and apply a pet wrap over the bleeding. If pad becomes soaked, don’t remove it. Just add another clean pad to apply pressure. Wait for the vet to arrive if it is severe and bleeding.

This is the basic info you need. You can always contact your local vet for more detailed info.



Equine first aid kit.

Obviously if you have to do first aid on a horse, you need a good first aid kit. So here is a quick run down on what you need in a basic Equine first aid kit.

Thermometer ….. One that shows between 99.0 and 101.5.

Stethoscope ….. To monitor heart rate. Your horses heartbeat can he heard behind the left elbow.

Flashlight and Electolytes-Powder and paste for dehydration.

Neosporin ….. Applied twice daily to abrasions.

Iodine Solution-Diluted ….. To flush out full thickness wounds.

Hydrogen Peroxide ….. To clean the wound before applying medicine and treatment.

Knife …..  for cutting splints, bandages, and other materials.

Wire cutters ….. In case the horse gets caught in a fence.

Twitch … This tool helps calm and restrain your horse.

Hoof Pick ….. To clean your horses hoof.

Fly Lotion ….. Keeps insects away from the wound and body itself

Opthalmic Polysporin ….. For eye injuries.

Cotton Leg Wraps-6 inch roll gauze-Med rip bandage tape.