Famous Reptiles



We have to start with “Godzilla.” Back in 1954 the

Ishiro Honda movie introduced the world to what

would soon be our most famous movie reptile.





 In the Star Trek episode “Arena”, the Gorns (left) attacked

outpost Cestus 3. The Gorns reappeared (right) in the

Star Trek “Enterprise” episode “In a mirror Darkly part 2″





In 1984 Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatell and Raphael hit the world

by storm. Teenage Mutant ninja Turtles!






Morena Baccarin played “Anna” in the ABC TV show V in 2009.

Although the show lasted only two seasons, it has created a cult

following. We REALLY wanted to see Anna as a full reptile. Oh Well!






The famous “Surgeons Photograph” (left) of the most elusive

and speculated about reptile ever. The Loch Ness Monster.






Back in 1999 during the Screen actors Guild strike, an 

animated spokesman was born. The Geico Gecko!





 Another famous reptile from the Star Trek Universe is 

“Dolim” Played by Scott Macdonald. Dolim was a Xindi

commander. Part of the Reptilian Sect of the Xindi race. 

This was part of Star Trek “Enterprise”







This is Emmitt Bejano. The original Alligator Skin Man” from

the Circus. Circa 1930.






Dino (left) from the “Flintstones” and ol, Wally Gator

represent our famous cartoon reptiles.