Frog Deck


       White Tree Frog

The best pet frog for you!.

We get many questions on what the best frog is to guy as a beginner and over all pet,.So we found a few quick facts for you, and here they are.

The White’s Tree Frogs make excellent pets to start off with. They are a great choice for beginners who have never owned a frog because they are easy to care for and not nearly as delicate or hard to take care of  as other types of pet frogs. They are actually quite cute, friendly, and a little different than most types of pets . White’s tree frog owners should work n providing a calm and clean habitat. Stress can be harmful to white’s tree frogs…so beware of that when you purchase them. Try to keep your frog’s terrarium in a relatively quiet room also. They LOVE QUIET.

One of the coolest things about white’s tree frogs is that they don’t really mind humans too much and can be handled without freaking you or it out. Don’t forget they do like to jump and trust us..they will. Before handling your frog, rinse your hands thoroughly to avoid spreading germs to your frog or even other areas of you or your home. One thing, don’t use soap prior to handling your white’s tree frog though, as soap can be harmful to its skin. The white’s tree frog’s skin can be harmful to humans so wash your hands!.


A poorly designed environment can cause unnecessary stress, while a filthy tank or any other habitat can really increase the risk of a frog ailment and disease. To avoid this, clean your frog’s cage about once a month and take the time to pick up its frog poops when you see them.Your frog should have plenty of stuff to crawl on and hide behind also. Remember, your frog’s ancestors lived in the jungle, so they need a habitat that looks lie the one thousands of years ago.


The water in your frog’s dish should be changed daily if possible. Clean water is key for your white’s tree frog just like any other frog. You will either want to use spring or drinking water – not distilled. If you would rather use tap water, keep it in a gallon jug and add about eight drops of to treat the water for your frog. It will cost you about $6 and last you a very long time.

As with other types of tree frogs, white’s tree frogs also need the right level of humidity. Keep a spray bottle nearby and mist the inside of your pet frog’s cage frequently (again, daily if possible).




        Dart Tree Frog


Frog care made simple, really Simple.

Frogs are becoming one of the fastest growing pets for kids and adults. Here are a few fun facts to know about to take care of your pet frog.

First of all frogs are not like other pets (ex cats, dogs) in this respect…they don’t like to be handled. Yes you can pick them up and look at them but limit to a few minutes or less. A matter of fact if he starts wetting in your hand, that proves its stressful. Frogs can get nasty and dirty so make sure you wash your hands after you handle them. When it comes to their home a regular fish tank about 2-5 gallons should do nicely. You obviously don’t need the pump and filter. When they get bigger you can transfer them to a larger tank. Make sure you have a screen on top or you will find them checking out parts of your home. Another good thing to do is have a UV light on there also because like all reptiles…frogs need the right amount of light.

Cleaning of the frog is very important so make sure you follow these rules. First of all frogs drink and bathe in the same area. So the water must be de chlorinated. The water bowl must be changed daily especially if you see the waste of them from in the water. You just empty it out and add fresh water…that’s it.

Feeding a frog is actually pretty easy. Just feed them anything LIVE or may look live. We recommend crickets and worms. Just make sure you dust them with vitamin D3 and calcium. You can also get carrots, apples, even spinach like Popeye. Some times frogs bite so be careful of that. Another thing is don’t put small pebbles in the tank. They might think its food and ingest it. Also a great thing about frogs is they don’t eat everyday so don’t worry if they don’t want to eat when you try to feed them. Especially in winter…some frogs tend to hibernate.