Goldfish and Kids

Since PetStarship is family orientated, we like to make sure kids are involved when it comes to owning their pets. So here is some quick information about starting an aquarium for Goldfish.

The Aquarium for Goldfish should be large because Goldfish love to swim and need space. We are talking about at least ten gallons. They also have a tendency to grow large quickly. Do not buy a bowl even for one fish.

When it comes to food Just buy the normal Goldfish flakes that are sold at nearly all pet stores. They only need a pinch of food. Remember to tell your kids…these are small pets. They also love pellets. It is like chocolate to kids! Do not feed the fish too much or too often because it may create a disease called air bladder. So just remove the old food.

Ok…last but not least….water. It’s the most important part of a fishes life. What we mean is not because it just swims in it….it has to be clean and healthy. So you must change the water every two weeks. You just make sure it stays at 68 degrees and not more. One must also know NOT to make it less than 50 degrees F. When you change the water also check for chemicals like chorine or ammonia. This can be done by buying a simple inexpensive Goldfish kit. The kit will also tell you how to take care of the filter. The filter must stay clean all the time…just like the water.


     Bubble Eye Goldfish


     Fantail Goldfish


     Vailtail Goldfish