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Hamsters need supplies also..

Well if you are thinking of getting a hamster, make sure you look at this list. Its quick, easy, and smart.


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Wire Cage

A wired bar cage as an excellent home for your pet. Just make certain the bars are close enough together that your hamster can’t wriggle through. Hamsters love to do that!

Be sure that any door can be securely latched, your hamster is capable of moving a sliding door with his teeth and escaping.


A glass aquarium with a screened top is also a good idea as a hamster’s home. An aquarium has corners that hamsters like, it’s high enough to add an exercise wheel and hamsters can’t climb glass making it almost escape proof.

Tube Cage

Tube cages, like Critter Trail, are expandable habitat’s for your pet. With lots of interlocking tubes, wheels, lookouts, and other add-ons, the type of home you can make for your hamster is unlimited. A tube cage can be like a mini playground for you hamster.

The size of the cage depends on what type and how many hamsters you intend to own. A cage that is 15 inches long by 12 inches high is appropriate for one hamster or two dwarf hamsters. For your pet, bigger is better, so go with the biggest cage possible. The larger the cage, the happier your hamster will be.

Cage Supplies

Once you have picked out the perfect home for your new pet, you need to fill it with everything he needs to have a happy and healthy life. Sources of food, water, bedding, and toys are all important to your hamster’s well being. Below is a list of supplies for your new pet.

Water Bottle

Your hamster will need a source of fresh water. Hamsters will fill up water dishes with whatever they can find in their cage, so a stoppered water bottle that attaches to the cage works best.

Food Dish

A dish for food. Hamsters prefer their food to be near the sleeping area. You can use food dishes, but be aware that your hamster will quickly empty it as he constantly relocates the food.

Bedding & Substrate

Your pet will need a bedding or substrate. They are burrowing creatures and will be much happier if they have something to burrow in. There are many commercial beddings made from wood shavings and pellets made from wood, alfalfa, pecans, sawdust, corncob, walnut, and recycled newspaper. Whatever you use..do not use clumping kitty litter or cedar based shavings. Hamsters eat a portion of their feces as part of their digestive process. Clumping litter can cause intestinal obstruction which could lead to your pet hamster’s death. Aromatic oils in cedar based shavings are irritating to a hamster’s respiratory system.

Sleeping Areas

Your hamster needs a sleeping area and any small container will work. This container must be big enough for ventilation and for your pet to turn around in. It should also be easy to clean or inexpensive enough to throw away and replace if it becomes soiled.

Cage Enrichment

Cage enrichment is the toys and items that will keep your pet busy, active, and happy. Things he will enjoy include wheels, pipes, tubes, chew blocks, wooden toys, and balls. Luckily, there are many commercially available hamster toys that will keep your pet happy.


It is important to clean your pets cage about once a week. Replace the substrate and bedding, wash the food bowls, and change the water. You can also wash other parts of the cage that smell with soapy water. Be sure to dry everything before putting items back in the cage. While cleaning, be sure to keep your hamster someplace safe to prevent escape. A trash can, deep bucket, or a bathtub with the drain plugged are good places to temporarily keep your pet.


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Hamster First aid kit.

Like Humans, Hamsters get sick and injured. So if you are serious about loving and taking care of your hamster, you must have a first aid kit. You also should have a first aid book also. Here are just a few things you must have for you first aid kit.

 Antibiotic Ointment for cuts and scrapes, Anti Itch cream or spray for dermatitis, .Artificial tear gel, .Bandages, small and large..

Bitter Apple Spray, its bitter taste prevents your hamster from licking his wound.. Cotton Balls and swabs, .Ear wipes for wax and ear discharges. Eye wipe for eye infection.  First Aid Lotion. Flea and Tick Shampoo. Hydrogen Peroxide for cleaning wounds. Latex gloves for your protection.  Saline Solution. Sanitary wipes. Sterile Eye ointment. Syringe. Small Nail scissors. Tick release ointment. Tweezers.




Hamster Food Chart






Hamsters As Pets…because they are just hams!

Sometimes we wonder how pets get their names .So when we looked at the word Hamster we knew what it meant. When you own a Hamster…they basically are Hams that Stir and fool around in their cages and around the home. Below is some information on this great pet from Hamsters as Pets.com.

Hamsters as pets are among the most in-demand domestic pets in the modern world, and thus he most favored furry friend in the rodent family. Pet hamsters are actually excellent animals for folks of every age group because of the personal hygiene and cuteness.

Hamsters are usually affordable and simple to care for. A hamster typically tends to make an excellent family pet for kids and helps to teach the child accountability.

The typical life expectancy of your pet hamster is around 1-3 years, and consequently many people report that tending to a hamster is an excellent way for a kid to ultimately find out how to deal with loss. You will want to let the child know that hamsters as pets have a short life expectancy so they will understand they will not have the pet for a long period of time.

There are numerous varieties of hamsters, however the one most often kept for a family pet will be the adorable Syrian hamster. Syrian hamsters include the biggest type of hamster, and in addition they are available in lots of diverse colors The are also available in long-haired and short-haired varieties. The long-haired Syrian hamster is oftentimes referred to as a Teddy Bear hamster.

A full-grown Syrian hamster will often grow to about 4 to 6 inches long. A crucial factor to understand about Syrian hamsters is you don’t want to hold any more than one hamster per cage. This is because if two Syrian hamsters have to share exactly the same place, they’ll likely fight and may severely damage the other.

Another preferred breed of hamsters are Dwarf hamsters, which only develop to 3 to 4 inches long, thus the name Dwarf hamsters. These lovable tiny fellas may be combined with other Dwarf hamsters and they’ll typically get on just great.

Prior to deciding to purchase a hamster as a family pet, you should obtain all of the products you require, for instance a cage, water device, food, bedding and playthings. You will want to purchase the products you’ll want to get ready for a new pet hamster by looking on the internet; There’s no doubt that that is definitely how you’ll get the best discounts on pet products.

As you can see hamsters as pets offer an easy, clean solution for a household pet. Pet hamsters will provide companionship without taking over your home.