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The Most Common Horse Breeds



Horses are beautiful, whether they are standing there in a stall or running like the wind. Here is a short list of some of the most common and beloved horse breeds.

The American Quarter Horse

The Quarter Horse is a great sprinter and was originally used by cowboys in the 1800’s to work cattle on ranches. Because the quarter horse can run so fast for short distances, it was named the “Quarter Horse” because it could outrun other horse breeds in races that were a quarter mile or less.

Also known as the “All American Horse”, the quarter horse is the most popular horse breed in America and has the largest breed registry in the world. Loved by all and kept by many, this versatile breed excels at many jobs – Companion horse, rodeo horse, show horse and cattle horse, this majestic animal can do it all and more.

Although we mostly know the Quarter Horse to come in a brownish red coat (called sorrel) with white on their feet and nose, it comes in almost every color you could imagine such as black, brown, palomino (gold coat and white mane and tail), and completely white.


American Paint Horse

The American Paint Horse, also known as a “painted horse, overo or tobiano”, is a common horse breed that is known for the beautiful colors and pattern on its coat. The American paint horse was first created in the United States with Quarter Horses and Thoroughbreds. It is currently the fastest-growing breed registry in North America and for good reason – these horses make excellent riding horses and they look good doing it!



This is a beautiful spotted horse. The Appaloosa was originally called the “Palouse” by the Native Americans who first developed the breed in America from horses brought over from Spain as early as the 1500’s. The Native American word Palouse was eventually misunderstood by Caucasians and the horse is known as Appaloosa today. They have gorgeous coats and their hooves have black and white vertical stripes! Even the hair coat patterns of the Appaloosa sound nice – Leopard, Blanket, Marble, Snowflake and Frost, to name a few. Because the Appaloosa horse has such hard feet and strong legs, it’s used a lot as a jumper as well as in endurance and western riding.



The Thoroughbred Horse was first created by the English in the 1700’s for one reason – racing! Even today, hundreds of years later, the thoroughbred horse is the fastest and also the most expensive horse in the world. You don’t get this fast by being nice – the thoroughbred horse is known for being stubborn and quick tempered. It’s said that only people who have lots of experience riding and truly understand horses should ever own one because they really do require some special care due to sometimes being so feisty.


Tennessee Walking Horse

The Tennessee Walking Horse is known to be – a good walker! They are especially recommended for  elderly people, because their gait is very smooth and doesn’t make you bounce around as much as other horses. It was first bred in America by farmers so they could go from their houses to the plantations to work during the 19th century. They are known to be kind, gentle and patient horses and great for beginners, young and old alike! In history, when the car was invented, a lot of horse breeds had uncertain futures. The Tennessee Walking Horse, however, had no problem because there were still lots of roads that a car couldn’t get through so they were still in demand.


Morgan Horse

The Morgan Horse, also known as “The American Morgan”, also came from the United States and was created in the late 1700’s. A Morgan horse is a bit smaller than the average horse and is considered a good horse for beginners because they are well known for having a gentle and patient temperament as well as great endurance and almost super strength. Eager to please, the Morgan horse has a strange history and nobody is really sure where he came from.

Grade Horse

Think of a grade horse like a mutt, you usually don’t know exactly where he came from, but he’s beautiful just the same! Sometimes, they are made by accidentally breeding two specific horse bloodlines. Other times, they are planned but people aren’t sure what kind of horse his parents are. Unless you plan on showing or breeding them, this mixed-breed horse can do just about anything as well as a purebred horse!




       American Quarter Horse



Story by Cassandra


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