Horse supplies


     Horse First aid kit


Equine supplies for your first horse.

We know making an investment in your horse is very important to you. So we at PS want to make sure you have what you need also. Take a look at our MUST HAVE list and hope to see you riding into the sunset…with a healthy happy horse! 

Items to have on hand before your horse arrives:

Make sure you have a name of a good local farrier for maintaining your horse’s feet. This is really important.

The name of a good veterinarian. Normally they are referred to you from other horse owners in your area.

A grooming kit containing: a curry comb, a stiff body brush, a soft body/face brush, a hoof pick and a mane and tail comb. Grooming buckets can be bought to store all this equipment. You can find deals online or your local horse store.

Fly spray (depending on the time of year). You don’t want to be with out one in The southeast likeFloridaor other hot humid places.

An equine first aid kit containing: elastic pressure bandages, cotton padding, gauze pads, a liquid would cleanser, antibiotic ointment, a drawing salve, and scissors

 2 or 3 soft cotton lead ropes (to be used with the halter you will buy after your horse arrives)

 Lunge line and whip for exercising your horse from the ground. Horses always need exercise just   like humans do.

A riding helmet for you! You must think…safety first!

Feed buckets for feeding your horse, feed bins for storing grain, and scoops for dishing out the grain.

Shavings or straw for bedding down your horses stall. They like to stay comfortable.

A water bucket if a natural source of water is not available.

A manure fork for cleaning out your horse’s pen and shelter area. You must keep a nice clean stall.

A cart for hauling manure.

Items to acquire after you have purchased your horse:

The following items are best purchased after you have bought your horse to ensure a proper fit.

Saddle and saddle blanket. Make sure you ask about this first and its comfortable for you.

Bridle and bit.


– Cold weather turn-out blanket (if necessary)

As you spend more time with your horse and gain experience and preferences there will be many more things down the road that you will wish to purchase. Having the basics on hand the day your horse arrives will help you be prepared from that day forward for all the enjoyment your new friend will bring!


     Feed Bucket


Fly spray


    Lunge line


    Lead ropes


     Helmut for riding