Laika Tribute


Laika (1954 – November 3rd 1957) First living being in space!

Laika gave her life, for the advancement of man.

Without knowing, her death gave way to the modern

animal rights movement. Here is her story.


On November 3rd 1957

The Scientists of the U.S.S.R. ( Soviet Union ) Shocked the world,

with the launch of Spaceship “Sputnik 2″. With a live dog on board.


Laika was a mongrel stray picked up in the streets of Moscow.

She was a happy go lucky, highly intelligent animal. A Beagle

with some Terrier mixed in. She was specifically trained for this

highly dangerous mission.

Laika was placed in a small chamber of Sputnik 2, with a harness

and medical equippment to monitor her vital signs. Although weightless,

she was able to eat, drink, bark andmove around the little cabin.




There are many conflicting reports about how Laika actually died.

Some sources say that thermal insulation came loose and Laika

was subject to some very high temperatures. Others say that she

was slowly euthanized as part of the mission. How she died does

not matter. The fact that she did give her life without knowing, for

the advacement of mankind is what we are recognizing.




Her death, gave birth to animal rights debates across the globe.




Laika Memorial


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