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Well another month has passed and we wanted to elect another PetStarship Pet, Community Superstar. We heard about a great foundation run by the famous actress Linda Blair. (Linda Blair Worldheart foundation). Then one of our Crew members Jon heard she was helping adopt dogs in Valencia Ca. at Krisers Pet Store. We volunteered to go and help out. Not knowing if Linda would be actually be there…and… she was! Most celebrities just lend their name to a charity…not Linda! We had a great time and truly saw how she loved her dogs. So here is our Starship tribute to a wonderful pet loving person, Linda Blair. Welcome Aboard!

As a child, Linda was taught to respect all animal life and had aspirations of becoming a veterinarian. As an award-winning, Oscar-nominated actress and public figure, she has chosen to use her position to shed light on the crisis of animal cruelty inAmerica.

As she began to realize the gravity of the problem, it became obvious that relieving the suffering of animals and having a widespread impact as an animal advocate would require more than her voice and efforts alone. Thus the Linda Blair World Heart Foundation, a 501(c)(3)Californianon-for profit organization, was born.

Linda has long been recognized as a talented actress, humanitarian and animal lover – having received a coveted City ofLos Angeles Proclamationfor her work to end animal cruelty and suffering. Joining with her in an effort to end animal cruelty at LBWF are dedicated friends, supporters and many wonderful volunteers without whom the Linda Blair World Heart Foundation could not exist.



Check out “WorldHeart Foundation” website 




Linda is doing some amazing work with pet rescue and

speaking out against animal cruelty. We give thanks to

Linda and the WorldHeart Foundation for all the hard work.

They certainly can use your help. Click the paw for information

on how to get involved. 



“Check out this Video”





Get more information from the BORN INNOCENT CAMPAIGN

Another website with valuable information and news.

Linda Blair and LBWF are making a difference, helping animals

who are “Born Innocent.” CONTACT INFO


       Linda and Jon and Rocky