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    NEW YORK — “Growing up” in the footwear industry is no exaggeration for Gary Weiner, president of Richmond,Va.-based Saxon Shoes.“My parents started this business in 1953, and I was born in 1957. Birkenstock Outlet I think I was sometimes in a crib in the stockroom,” he quipped. “At age 13, I was running stock and then went on to selling shoes, then buying shoes, then managing people, then managing the store.”Fifty-six years after its opening, the business is still under the family’s Fitflop Sandals watchful eye. Weiner’s three children, Evan, Amanda and Cody, are all involved in store operations, from technology to shoe sales to philanthropic planning, and his wife, Beth, works in vendor relations for both of the company’s stores.Recently, the entire family has been focused on opening Saxon’s second location, Mbt Sandals a 19,000-sq.-ft. unit that bowed in Fredericksburg, Va., in late July.“Saxon is a great example of an independent that is doing well,” said Scott Sessa, president of Minnetonka Moccasin. “Gary is a great merchant and understands his customer. I have no doubt that the company will succeed [in Cheap Birkenstocks Fredericksburg].”For his part, Weiner stressed that his expectations for the business are realistic in these challenging times.Z7’s study, done in collaboration with a vascular surgeon at Wentworth Douglass Hospital in Dover, N.H., measured the effects of its technology on the hardness of muscle groups. To help spread Fitflop Sale the message, Clark also has reached out to consumers through a 90-second video on YouTube to explain the fine points of the study.FitFlop founder Marcia Kilgore has used Facebook to communicate with her consumers. In fact, she recently took to the site to ask fans whether they pay Birkenstock Store attention to the London-based brand’s research and development, and whether they base purchase decisions on the information. Within 20 minutes, she said, she received 77 responses: 54 yeses, 21 maybes, and two people saying they simply loved the brand.For their part, retailers seem to agree that substantiated research Birkenstock Sale is important. “The more science and technology in a product, the better,” said Jacob Wurtz, president and co-owner of Happy Feet Plus, a nine-unit comfort chain based in Largo, Fla.Still, going through companies’ data takes time and effort. And Wurtz, who said he’s built his business around offering Mbt products that provide both comfort and health benefits, is committed to making sure the brands he carries — including Cogent and MBT — are the real deal. “There are so many claims made [that you have to see through] a lot of smoke,” he said. “We want to Fitflops Sandals For Women make sure they’re legitimate.”Like Wurtz, Celia Tellez, owner of Total Relief Footwear in Austin, Texas, said she shies away from wellness brands that can’t back up their claims. “I pick brands based on what research has been done,” she said. “It’s what our business is built around. It’s http://www.mbtshoesoutletinc.com not only about how the shoes feel, but why [the technology] is working.”Hoping to take the brand even further, the company coined the tag line “What does happy look like?” and launched the Website Happylookslike.com. And in the first quarter of 2010, a new site will gather Fitflop Outlet> fans and followers from Facebook and Twitter, creating a common place for consumers to interact directly online, Chen explained. “We want to create a strong connection with our customers, and one way to do that is to launch a campaign where they have direct input on new styles,” Birkenstock Sandals he said.At Debo’s, a seven-unit chain in Charlotte, N.C., Alegria is the store’s top Euro-sized comfort line.“It’s all about the variety of color and fashion with comfort,” said buyer Derek Critcher. “Patents and printed patterns are selling well. We are finding that customers who normally buy black and Mbt Shoes Clearance Outlet brown are stepping out and being receptive to fashion colors. Customers are purchasing four to six pairs at a time.”And though comfort-oriented footwear typically appeals to more mature consumers, the brand also has received a favorable response from a broader audience. “We thought she would be 35 and Fitflop [older],” said Chen. “But as we grew the line and added different patterns, we were noticing [not only] moms and grandmas were buying it but daughters too.”Nurses also are among Alegria’s biggest supporters these days. “We hit a niche,” Chen said about the uniform market, which accounts for Fitflops Clearance 30 percent of sales. “[Nurses are] on their feet for 12-hour shifts. They need comfortable shoes. They’re our toughest critics.”The line’s immediate popularity at Scrubwagon, a medical apparel shop in Winston-Salem, N.C., prompted owner Eric Johnson in October 2008 to launch Alegriashoeshop.com, a Website devoted to the brand.Thanks Mbt Shoes to the site’s success, in July 2009, Johnson bowed Alegria’s first and only brick-and-mortar store, located adjacent to Scrubwagon. Johnson has an Birkenstock Shoes agreement to sell the brand in his independently owned store. “Sales in the store are through the roof,” said Johnson, adding that total business for the Website and store doubled three times between June and November. And though sales for December were not as robust, business was still up, according to Johnson.Alegria now accounts for two-thirds of Peppergate’s sales, but management is nonetheless planning to pull in the reins this year. “We don’t want to Birkenstock grow too fast,” said Chen, estimating a 30 percent to 40 percent increase in 2010. “We do have a lot of things in mind, but we’re still a small company.”
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