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    These shoes had me at the words, “bow embellished”. Seriously, if a brand ever decided it wanted to take all my money, all they’d have to do would be to stick some over-sized bows on their shoes, and I can almost guarantee I’d want to buy them. Of course, a bright red upper doesn’t hurt, either: I’ve slowly been purging most of the very bright colours from my shoe shelves, because I realised Coach Outlet Online I just wasn’t wearing them all, but red is the one colour that I’ll always find room for: I actually think I wear red shoes almost as often as I wear black ones (Although probably not quite as much as I wear nude or gold ones: everyone has Michael Kors Outlet their favourite!), so while I’m not really sure why I like them more than other colours (Strangely enough, I hardly ever wear red at all, other than on my feet…), I do know they’re pretty much a “neutral” as far as I’m concerned.These Saint Laurent sandals make a Longchamp Outlet particularly effective use of the bright red colour on that shiny red upper. It guaranteed that these would stand out, regardless of what the rest of the shoe looked like, but luckily, in this case, the shoe is almost equally interesting. the oversized bow stretches all the way Michael Kors Outlet Store across the toe, and is knotted in the centre, creating a bit of a vintage-inspired look. The sandal is finished off with a thin ankle strap, and a high stiletto heel, and although it would be tempting to reserve them for special occasions, especially given the price tag, Coach Factory Outlet Net-a-Porter have shown these styled with a pair of black leather trousers and a stripe top, which looks really good, too. Is there anything that DOESN’T look good with a stripe top and red shoes, though? Because, if so, I’m not sure I even want to know what Coach Factory Store it is…First up, the bad news: I ended up returning those Office boots I ordered a couple of weeks ago. I loved them, and I so wanted them to work, but unfortunately they looked really unflattering on, so back they went: boo!The good news, however, is that Michael Kors Outlet Online I’ve found plenty of other shoes and boots to replace them with. Like these, for instance:Shoes like these are the reason Office has become my go-to high street shoe store this year. They can just do no wrong as far as I’m concerned, and with these red peep Michael Kors Purses toes, they’re getting a whole lot right. These might just be simple peep toes, but they’re absolutely stunning ones, and the colour is perfect: if you disagree, however, they also come in black – needless to say, I want/need them both!Now, I know quite a few of you Michael Kors will look at these shoes, and just think, “Nude peep toes: so what?”, but if you knew how many hours of my life have been wasted on the search for a pair of nude peep toes exactly like these (and at this kind of price-point, too…), I’m sure Longchamp you’d understand just why I love then so much!I don’t normally like shoes with high-vamps, which have a bit of a leg-shortening effect, which I really don’t need on my already short legs. Oddly enough, though, I DO like shoe boots (even although they have the same kind Coach Handbags of effect, really), which is what these remind me of, so I think they could work really well, especially with jeans or trousers. If you’re not sure about them in this photo, be sure to check out the ASOS catwalk video – they look absolutely amazing on http://www.michaelkorsoutletonlineodm.com/ the foot!The title says it all, folks: Shopbop are having another sale, giving you up to 25% off, with the code ‘EVENT 17’.The sale runs for three days only, and discounts apply to both full-price and sale items, although look out for brand exclusions including Rag & Longchamp Bag Bone, IRO, Derek Lam 10 Crosby, Converse, Karen Walker, Tory Burch, Beyond Yoga, Free People, Nili Lotan, ALC, R13, IRO Jeans, who all have one or more items excluded from the sale. That still leaves you with plenty of choice, though: personally I’d happily snap up the entire Coach Outlet Schutz shoe collection, but then again, all of those amazing Kate Spade handbags are also calling my name: I know a handbag is the very last thing Longchamp Sale I need right now, but that 25% discount is REALLY testing my willpower right now!
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