Most powerful pets in Hollywood


We all know about certain stars in Hollywood that are rich and powerful like Tom Cruise and Robert Deniro. But what about pets? That’s right…dogs, cats, Horses and monkeys!

Well here are five of the top animals and the films they were in.




This 18 yr old Capuchin monkey was the breakout star in the $581million grossing “Hangover part 2”. Her next project is the NBC comedy “Animal Practice”.





This Jack Russell was the top dog in the Artist. He earns $40k per role and will be scene in many other projects. He was so loveable in that role that people wanted to get him an Oscar nomination.




This horse is the go to Equine in Hollywood. He has appeared in some of the biggest blockbusters in Hollywood the past 10 yrs, from “The Legends of Zorro” to “Seabiscuit”.




This cute little pooch has over 4.5 million facebook likes and a new book coming out. Its called Boo “Little dog in the BigCity” and will be in stores July 11th. This Pomeranian is the canine king of all media.


Fancy Feast Cat.


More than 25 yrs after its commercial debut, the fluffy white feline is an advertising icon. Three cats(Aladdin, Phoebe, and Gabby)currently share the role.