My first Dog



First here are some of the supplies you will need.


Training treats

Baby wipes for dirty butts/paws (if you plan to allow them on furniture, etc.)


Toothbrush and doggy toothpaste

Puppy toys

Cotton pads (good for cleaning eyes, ears)

Dog book on the basics

Puppy pads for accidents

Pet Enzyme cleaner for accident clean up

Bowls (buy stainless steel or ceramic – not plastic)

Poop bags (or use sandwich bags) to pick up poop


Single biggest tips to remember:

1. Most dogs are not 100% housetrained until they’re about a year old. Puppies will do a lot of stuff that, as a first-time owner, will drive you crazy. The vast majority of first-time owners have no idea what they’re getting into with a puppy. For instance, what I tell people is that when an 8-10 week puppy comes home, expect to have to get up 1-2 times in the middle of the night (like feeding a newborn human baby) to let your puppy out. And for the first month you have your puppy home, it is either in the crate or on a leash attached to your belt when it is inside. Anything but that is asking for bad habits and more time to housetrain.

 2.. Do tons of tricks with your dog. All of this stuff mentally stimulates your dog. A bored dog is a mischievous dog that turns over trash cans, howls, wakes you up in the night, chews on your shoes, tears pillows apart. A dog that is mentally stimulated is focused, content and mellow (regardless of the energy level).

3. Physical exercise is good. Letting your dog out into the backyard doesn’t qualify as exercise. That is exercise to a dog like going to the mailbox is exercise for you.

4. Give your dog a job. If your dog doesn’t have one, he’ll create one. How’s this for a job: chasing cars? Or barking at everyone who comes within 30 yards of your front door? Or attacking those strangers who walk in your front door at Thanksgiving or Halloween?

If you can’t give your dog an actual job, than create one. Dog performance sports (earth dog, agility, fly ball, etc.) are great examples.. Dogs live for two purposes: to earn our love (they truly seek to get our approval) and to do a job of some sort. The best way to spoil a dog is to give it a chance to do both (do a job it can succeed at and a continual chance to earn our approval). Do those things and you’ll have an unbelievably happy pooch.

1. Set boundaries (don’t go here, don’t go there kind of thing). I have a dog that doesn’t go in the front yard because she knows not to.

2. Sit and stay (these are more than just tricks. you can pretty much control him with these)

3. Break him into a leash so he’ll be more comfortable walking with you

4. Show that you’re the boss and not him (if he sways off into another direction while walking, just gently pull him back to show him that he’s going where you’re going)

5. If you ever have to be strict with him, later show him that you care for him and show him some attention, play with him

 Remember, you don’t have to take my advice because i’m not a dog trainer. these are just some things i would do.

Think about getting a greyhound rescue. They’ll do fine with one 30 minute walk a day, are great indoor dogs, have a short coat, are very docile, don’t bark much. And because it’s a rescue, you’re doing a great service.