Parrot talk



How do parrots talk?

Since we at the Pet Starship love all animals and how they came to be, one animal made us wonder. How do specific birds like the Parrot speak? Well here is a quick explanation how and why.

First of all Parrots do not have vocal chords. That is right, what they do have are bifurcated trachea. The different sounds are produced by changing the depth and shape of trachea. So really what they are doing is whistling. The most popular parrot that speaks the best is the Congo African Grey Parrot. We also know that Cockatiels that are not supposed to talk as well as Parrots but they can have a larger vocabulary then the African Grey Parrot. Parrots are taught to speak with out understanding any of the words also. Trainers normally are hidden by a mirror between the trainer and the Parrot. Then since the Parrot is seeing its reflection, imitates the trainer.

Some species are known to associate the words with an actual meaning and to form simple sentences. Many know that Crows, Ravens and Jays are exceptionally smart birds, Parrots are even smarter! Their cerebral cortex and brain to body size ratio have been known to be as advanced as other higher primates. Dr Harvey J Karten, neuroscientist at UCSD who studied the physiology of birds discovered that some species such as the Kea are also highly skilled at using tools and solving puzzles.

Oh and lets not forget this amazing fact about these different birds. They have been a prized pet from Kings, Queens from 1250 AD until now. One of the first countries that did this wasPersia. We wonder if they were fed hummus with their seeds.