Pet Paparazzi






Courtney Love is best known as a singer in the heavy metal group she created called “Hole”.She has also been seen in movies as an actress such as “THE PEOPLE VS LARRY FLYNT” and a few others. She has always been on the crazy side when it comes to her personality. That is why this photo of her and the turtle matches who she is perfectly.




Sandra Bullock with rescue dogs Ruby and Poppy.

Sandra adopts special needs dogs. Poppy has

three legs and Ruby only Two. WE LOVE YOU SANDRA!







Katherine Heigl seen walking some of her rescued dogs.

Katherine and her mom Nancy, have created the

Jason Debus Heigl Foundation. Dedicated to their

loving son/brother. To end animal cruelty. Katherine

is offering REWARDS for reporting animal cruelty

to law enforcement. Thank you both for all of your

outstanding efforts in the animal community.







Cindy Crawford with “Widget”. Cindy helped raise

$20,000.00 at the Propel Zero walk for animals.

We salute Cindy and hope she continues her

efforts to help animals in need.





Here is a side of William Shatner that we do not see very often

Horse breeder and horse lover.