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PetStarship wants your school involved for a new “Adoption Option”




Raise your Hands




Tell your Principal


   Tim Russ as Principal Franklin on the iCarly show


That you want your school involved in PetStarship’s

“Adoption Option”

PetStarship will arrange for the local shelter to have an open house field trip.

Your parents and your class will have a special time to visit the shelter for you

to adopt your best buddy. Then take a picture of yourself with your pet like this

Put the picture and profile on the site and you will be saving an animals life

and your school will receive a donation and a program for pet care.

Have your Principal click the link below to register your school.


We want Adoption Option





Tim Russ (Principal Franklin fron the Nickelodeon hit show iCarly)

is a supporter of PetStarship. Check out Tim’s Pet Hamster.

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