Rat Deck


Rodents as pets.

Most people don’t know that rats are very popular in being pets. That is right, the poor rat that has been talked badly for centuries is now being loved and admired. .They are friendly, and easily tamed. So here are some quick facts on what to know when you buy a pet rat.

Obviously you go to your favorite pet store and ask some questions on how long they have been there, how do they treat them etc. Look for stores that house the males and females separately. You may also go to breeders because thy raise them in a way to make them sociable. Don’t select ones that are panicky and skittish, but ones that are easy to hold. People can slow look for specific colors and coat type. Some times people go to shelters to get rats…but they sometimes become aggressive. The most important this is to find that they are healthy.

Just to know:

Avg life span is 2-3 yrs

Length is 9-11 inches

They are nocturnal and most active at night

More social is kept with other rats.

They reach puberty 6-8 weeks.

Females go in heat 4-5 days for about 24 hrs.

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