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Reptiles Need Love Too!

Turn on your television or open a newspaper on any given day and you will learn about the plight of Dogs and Cats in America.  You will see commercials that pull at your heartstrings telling of the horrors these poor animals have succumbed to and ultimately asking you to adopt a pet and/or make a donation.  While it is true, that these unfortunate animals are in dire need of help, too many other types of pets are in need- yet escape the public eye. Reptiles are among that number, and may be one of the most misunderstood pets around.

The word Reptile, to a person who is unfamiliar with them-may bring to mind such animals as alligators and snakes.  Following that thought, “danger!”  It is rare to see a “feel good” feature on the news about an alligator; instead, we see horror stories about an attack on a human.  Snakes get a bad name in general because the majority of our society is afraid of them.  Therefore, the largest part of the population would respond with a resounding “no!”  when asked about keeping a reptile as a pet.  Maybe if people were better educated about reptiles, some of the fear of them would subside.

If you are thinking a reptile is right for you, consider the following- It is true that the average cost of reptiles is at an all time low, from $4.00 to $50.00. Please be aware that in order to properly house and care for your reptile you will be spending at least 4 times what you paid for the reptile!  Most also grow at an astonishing rate- so please do your homework before taking on a reptile!

Education is just one thing that nonprofit, reptile rescue organizations such as Forgotten Friend Reptile Sanctuary offer.  Not only do they rescue reptiles in need and find them suitable homes-they also travel around PA presenting an entertaining and educational reptile show which encourages “hands on” learning, for schools, churches and family events.  Their website is very informative and has some great links for reference and location information for rescue organizations in your area.

Another such reptile rescue organization is Reptile Rescuers of the United States-Their goals are to rescue, place and educate as well as a heavy emphasis on combating the bad perceptions, stereotyping, and mistreatment of reptiles across the country.  They are also continuing to work to change bad legislation, aimed at incorrect bans and regulations related to exotic pets. Work is ongoing between RRUS and local and state authorities to see that laws pertaining to animal cruelty and neglect are upheld and used as intended.  This is also a very informative site with quite a lot of references and links to other rescue websites.

If there are no Reptile Rescues in your area and you are thinking of starting your own, a good source of information is Melissa Kaplan’s Herp Care Collection, she provides a page on her website dedicated to beginning a Rescue organization in your area.

Many informative websites out there work every day to raise awareness about reptiles in general and their specific needs when it comes to good homes.  However, as with any other animal-please research your choice in pet and be sure you are equipped to care for it properly.

Below you will find many helpful links with which to research and educate as well as locate reptile rescue organizations in your area.

Online Reptile Rescue-

Rescue Network-organization is for not only reptiles, but also all pets and wild animals.  The website at, is a search engine that allows you to search by state and by type of rescue each organization focuses on.

Reptile Rescuers of the United States- quite a lot of helpful information along with a nationwide search for reptile rescue organizations.

Reptile Rescue League- search by state as well as international searches-

Suggestions for Starting a Reptile Rescue Organization-

Please take some time to familiarize yourself with websites such as the ones listed above-they have a wealth of information at your disposal, so that you can make an informed decision as to if, a reptile is a good choice for you, your family and your lifestyle.



Article by Marti