Shelter Me


“Shelter Me” Film event.

On Thursday June 14th Pet Starship was one of the few companies to be invited to cover this warm and touching film.

It is Introduced by Katherine Heigl who also hosts the PBS series. It was Produced and Directed by Stave Latham…a very well known and talented individual that loves animals. Halo Dog food was the sole sponsor. Halo is owned by Ellen DeGeneres and they feed shelters all around theUSwith nutritional food. When you see the film, which is only an hour long, you get a sense of just how important dogs are in your life. It follows a few workers from the LA City animal shelters and how they deal with capturing dogs from the streets. Women inmates that help train dogs for this are also interviewed. They make sure they are safe to be adoptable. The film also follows two military men that came back from fighting in Irag who had behavioral and mental problems coming back. They adopted a dog from the shelter and how it basically saved their life.

You can see more information and order a copy from their site at :

A clip of the film can be seen here also.


Here are some pictures fro the event.