Snake Charmers



Snakes are charmers

Ok, you know that Snakes do not charm. So over the centuries we have had to have men and women charm them. Yes you have seen them on TV and movies like “Indiana Jones and theTempleofDoom” So here is a quick overview of Snake Charmers and how they got started.

It all started in Ancient Egypt and then made its roots inIndia. It spread throughout the Middle East and Asia It was gaining popularity untilIndiaset a rule in 1972 banning ownership of serpents. Most snake charmers still make a meager living doing festivals and visiting towns and small cities. People wonder why the snake handler never gets bit. They normally sit out of range of them and snakes are normally sluggish in attacking. Sometimes they remove the fangs and venom glands.

The way they got started is charmers were acting like magicians and healers. One of the earliest recorded appearances were in the bible psalm 58.3-5. Hinduism has long been behind charmers and many gods are pictured under a serpent.

Today only one million snake charmers remain inIndiaand are actually practicing the art. They do it to lure tourists and others. Many animal groups have gotten involved the past 40 yrs and now most of the snake charming is Illegal. It actually does not matter any more since the chance of making a living as a snake charmer has gone down tremendously. Even the children of the men and women that did it have moved on to better and more modern career choices.  



Imrana is the first female snake charmer in the world


       Charmers flute