Strange dog habits


Dogs can be weird

Since we have so many beloved dog owners we just had to write a story about some of the weird things our canine friends do. You know, like taking 20 min to find a place to, just take a pee. Why do they do that? Well read on and you will know why.


Why do dogs drool?

Depending on the breed, some do more than others. New foundlands, Blood hounds and Bassett hounds are the worse. They have loose jowls and a lot of skin around their moths where saliva can accumulate. One thing to watch, if they slobber too much or if the saliva smells bad, consult you vet. It may be a wound in the mouth from a splinter.


Why do dogs chase their tails

Most of the time it’s a sign that shows the dog is starving for affection. They probably want it to be playtime. If that’s the case, create another activity like fetching a ball or tugging rope. If tail chasing and biting becomes a ritual, before going outside or being fed, it could be an obsessive-compulsive disorder. You should get help from an animal behaviorist.


Is it true that dogs are color blind?

Dogs do see color, but have problems distinguishing between certain hues. Humans have three types of cones (cells in the eyes),dogs have two. Cats have two, but see more vividly then dogs. The most common is red/green color blindness. For dogs the rainbow is reduced to two colors, blue at one end, yellow at the other, with colorless bands where pure red and green would be.

What dogs lack in color sight, they make up in abundance of rods in the cells that aid in night vision. They also are great at spotting movement. That’s why they see every squirrel in your yard or the park.


Why do dogs sniff around so much before deciding where to pee?

The main reason is dogs acute sense of smell enables them to gather all sorts of information from the scents of other dogs urine. This includes which dogs passed by, how long they visited that particular spot, and even whether they were male or female. It is like a news feed your dog reads about what happened before he got there.