Strange things about cats


The Strange thing about cats.

As all feline owners know, cats can be self centered, cocky, finicky and an all around pain in the, you know what. So here are some facts on why cats are what they are and how to deal with them.


Why do cats chase balls of string?

Your cats obsession with yarn is basically like a lions interest in a Gazelle. Stalking string is like a predatory behavior. It’s like a condensed more non violent “Hunt”. It helps discharge their prey chasing instinct. It also keeps them physically active. And helps stop boredom. Another great thing to use is a laser pointer. Cats love to chase light.


Why do cats present owners with “Kills”?

Most experts agree that when a cat leaves a mouse on your doorstep, take it as a compliment. Its kind of like bringing flowers if the mouse is dead. Almost like a lion bringing back its pride. If the animal is still breathing, the behavior may be mimicking what cats do to teach their kittens bringing half dead animals home to teach her babies(in this case, you) how to finish the job.


Why do cats hate getting wet?

Well some do, some don’t. Some breeds like Turkish Vans will actually seek out water. What they do hate is unplanned soaking or slipping into a pool or being squirt with a garden hose or if they are need to be disciplined, a spray bottle. Eventually your cat will associate water with bath time and rewards than punishment


Do dogs and cats have a sense of time?

Animals, like humans, have an internal body clock and are sensitive to the time of day. They can also measure intervals of time…accurately. The main question is do they have a sense of time into the future. Many recent researches show that they are not stuck in the here and now but have a limited mental timeline.