Top 20 Dog Names


The top DOG names for 2011.

We know what you are thinking this is 2012. So why are we giving you names from 2011? Because many times, they are the same names used for 2012. So we did some research and found out information from Ban Field Pet hospital on the most popular names. They have data from over 780 hospitals across theUS. So make sure you are happy with the name you choose because your four legged friend with be with you on an average of 15-20 yrs. A good way to choose is the dog’s personality and yours. You can take names from Movies/TV, the bible, or what the heck…just make one up. Here you go and whatever you choose, your dog will love you no matter what. So have fun.


1) Bella

2) Max

3) Buddy

4) Daisy

5) Baily

6) Lucy

7) Molly


9) Charlie

10) Rocky

11) Cloe


13) Sadie

14) Princess

15) Sophie

16) Lucky

17) Roxy

18) Jack

19) Lola

20) Harley