Top Cat names


Top Cat Names


Since finding a cat to make your pet for the next 20 yrs (yes, that’s how long they normally live) we wanted to help you name your cat. To some it is not that important…but to most it is (dogs too). So here is a list of the top names for boy and girl cats. Hope it helps you decide on what name fits your personality and theirs.

These are the top  names chosen by cat lovers from the US,Canada,New Zealand,Australia And the UK. When you look at the names you will find that they can actually be used for Boy and Girl Cats or visa versa. Some come from TV and Movies while others just want to be different.


Top names for girl cats by popularity:                      Top names for boy cats by popularity.


Sassy                                                                              Max                                               

Missy                                                                             Sam 

Misty                                                                             Tigger

Princess                                                                         Tiger

Samantha                                                                       Sooty

Kitty                                                                              Smokey 

Puss                                                                               Lucky

Fluffy                                                                            Patch

Molly                                                                             Simba

Daisy                                                                             Smudge