Tropical fish


The best tropical fish for you aquarium.

Most people love aquariums in their home. If they don’t have one, they like seeing them in restaurants and other places of business. Especially Tropical fish because of the way they look with their unique colors. Here is a quick over view on the best tropical fish and why.

The first thing is go to a fish retailer that has many different varieties of fish to choose from. The amt of fish you keep depends on the size of your tank. You can do that by multiplying the length of the tank by the width to get the surface area. hen you divide that number by 30.

The vast number of Tropical Fish species are quite large. So here are a few of the most popular ones you can start off with. Tetras, Guppies, Platys, Gouramis, Siamese Fighting fish and of course the Angel Fish.

If you have the extra money and want to be a little different than we suggest Putterfish, Arrowanas, and Piranhas. Before you do anything though…make sure you check to make sure what species get along with others so they do not eat each other.

Well chosen fish will live together in harmony and will create a stunning aquarium display.


     betta fish


     clown fish


     blue neon


     angel fish


     discus fish