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Bird poop is good luck

July 7, 2015 in Uncategorized

Birds have great…..aim!


Yes…you read that right. Birds have an amazing aim when it comes to relieving them selves in mid air! Oh come on…you have seen it. How many times have you went to your car and seen that scary icky white stuff on your car. Not just your car…your windshield on the driver’s side!

Then you look at other cars in the parking lot and you do not see one spot on them. Not a single ONE. It is almost like the damn birds have an agenda against you…like in the 1963 movie! When they flew over the town attacking the poor towns people Maybe it’s the color of your car, the make (we heard they don’t like foreign cars, especially Toyotas).Then you have to clean it off the best you can, which is impossible. You literally have to take a fire hose to the damn car, and if you’re REALLY lucky…a small portion will come off. You may try acid, but then again your paint will come off. Hey…then you can just re paint your car and other birds will attack it! After you read this, go ahead and e mail theUSgovernment to bring birds to the army and help defend theUS. They will love the idea, they really will!!

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