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Sylvester Stallone and Butkus

June 26, 2012 in Uncategorized



Rocky the movie… and a life.

One of the best inspirational stories I ever heard was the one about Sylvestor Stallone and how he made “Rocky”. What I never knew was how much he loved his dog Butkus and when he almost lost him forever!

When Sly was writing Rocky he was married and was absolutely dead broke. Going from one small job to another to make ends meet, he decided to take his last shot in writing a movie that he could star in. After they looked at many stars to play Rocky they decided to give Stallone a shot and as you know, the rest is history. They made it for one million dollars and it grossed 200 million.

The one fact I never knew was Sly was so broke that he once went to the local Liquor store to sell his dog Butkus. After going there day after day he finally met a man that would buy his dog so Stallone could put food on his table. He asked for $100, the man said no. Then he said…ok…$50 .The man said no again until the settled for just a meager $25 dollars. Sly was crushed and saddened that he had to lose his precious dog…and he just cried for days. Then when he finally made his movie and it became a worldwide hit he had to have his dog back.

 So he want back to the local liquor store for three days straight night and day until he finally ran into the man and his sweet loving dog Butkus. Stallone offered the man $500…then $1000…then $10,000.He kept saying no…I love this dog!. Finally after negotiating over an hour Sly gave in. He offered the man $15,000 AND a part in the movie.

The moral of this amazing story is just how important our canine friends can be to us. They truly are mans best friend! To think someone would give $15,000 to get a dog back

is so touching and amazing. This particular story was also very close to my heart because when I was looking to rescue a dog I did not know where to go or what to name him. When I did find him at a local adoption shelter I thought about what inspired and moved me the most. So I called my dog…Rocky. That one name will always bring good feelings to me….35 yrs ago…and now.

 Please remember this next time you adopt a dog or just meet one on the street or the park.

Thanks to Ricky Powell at Life Long happiness.com for sharing this wonderful story to us.



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