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Women and Cats

July 6, 2015 in Uncategorized


All cats are women!

I know you have heard this before. That cats, like all cats, is independent and do whatever they want to do. Yes, even Male Cats. Anytime, anywhere, just like a woman. You see when a cat wants something they just slowly come over and rub against you. When a woman wants something, they slowly come over and kiss you or maybe a shoulder massage. When you want a cat to stop meowing, just feed them and they will leave you alone and ignore you for hours at a time. When a woman wants to be happy, just take out your wallet and give her a few hundred dollars so she can go shopping for shoes. She will be gone for most of the day so you can spend time with the cat you never see anyway.

A cat will purr when they are happy, a woman will moan when she is. A cat will play with a ball or a few things on the ground. A woman will play with jewelry and belts she bought with your money from the store. A cat loves to lie around in the sunlight going through the window. A woman will do the same, except she is getting a tan inMaui, with out you, but with her cat loving female friends from the bridge club. So there you have a few things about cats and women. Hope it helps in your relationships….if not, get a dog.

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