What people foods not to share


Are you sharing “people food” with your pet dog? Can human food can make your dog sick? This article will explain that yes, some of the food that people can eat to be healthy such as an avocado can actually make your pet dog really sick, and some of the food can be really surprising.

Dogs, which used to be wolves, are created to eat mainly meat. Things like candy and onions are not a part of their natural diet and so they never had an issue with it or a need to protect against it. Some people forget that dogs are a lot smaller than people and they are created very differently as well. Not only by walking on four legs, but certain things that are considered good for us can actually be fatal to a dog, if they eat enough of it. I

If you ever see your dog eat any of this, either call your vet or take them there quick because in the worst case scenario, these toxic foods could be deadly to your dog.

Read on to learn more about how to protect your pet pooch and keep them healthy and happy!

Chocolate – Most of us have heard that chocolate is bad for dogs to eat. But did you know why? It contains something called theobromine –which can even be fatal if too much is eaten by your dog and then they exercise. It causes their hearts to beat a lot faster and irregularly. Darker chocolate and baking chocolates that are unsweetened can be especially harmful to your pet dog or cat.


Candy – Okay, so we know candy isn’t really healthy for us. But did you know how bad candy can be for your dog? Candy (and some diet food) contains a very common sweetener that can actually cause a very quick drop of an animal’s blood sugar. This is really bad for dogs and unfortunately, it can cause loss of coordination or even seizures. Get help right away if you see your dog eating candy!


Caffeine – So you wouldn’t expect your dog to wake up in the morning and make a cup of coffee or tea, but you can still accidentally spill some on the ground or if you grind your own, maybe some coffee beans can fall on the floor. Do not let your dog eat or drink this! Caffeine is too stimulating to a dog’s central nervous and cardiac systems. This means that they can get very restless and even have a heart palpitation which means their heart does not beat in the right rhythm. If they eat a lot of caffeine, it could be deadly…


Grapes/Raisins – A healthy treat for people, a horrible treat for dogs that can make them REALLY sick… the bad things about grapes if that they affect your dog’s kidney. The worst part is that the toxin in the grapes stays in your dog, so even just feeding them a grape or raisin now and then could really end up making them super sick eventually. Don’t do it at all!


Onions – It may be silly to think that you are feeding your dog onions as a treat, but sometimes onions are in your dinner and you may let your dog have some or lick your plate. Do not let them have ANY onions; they can make your dog super sick by causing anemia, weakness and making it difficult to breathe. Onions are bad for your dog and just like grapes, the toxin stays in them!


Avocados – This fruit (some people think it is a veggie) can really healthy for people but is very toxic to both dogs and cats. Keep it to yourself!


Nuts – They are healthy for people, but nuts, especially macadamia nuts and walnuts are really bad for dogs. They can start vomiting, be unable to walk, have weakness, and a raised body temperature as well as heart rate. If your dog eats chocolate with nuts, it can be a double whammy. Make sure you never let your dog eat any nuts!


Beer – Wow, this is a no brainer. Would you feed your child beer? Of course not! If a dog drinks alcohol, their liver can be damaged and they will likely start vomiting which is their body telling them they shouldn’t have the alcohol inside of them because it is hurting them!


Sometimes, it’s better not to share! It may feel selfish when they are begging you, pretending that they haven’t eaten in days, but remember these facts and be a responsible pet guardian and do not give in! These foods may be yummy and good for you to eat, but remember that a dog isn’t able to digest them and it acts like more of a poison.

Other symptoms that may indicate your dog has eaten something bad for them might be drooling for no reason, panting heavily for no reason, diarrhea or red eyes, skin or ears. These are only some of the most toxic foods for your dog, so remember to research and make sure what you are treating them with is good for them and won’t make your dog sick.

Remember, it’s not about owning your pet; it’s about being their guardian. Treat your dog as if it were a child, meaning, they don’t know what’s best for them. Always make sure you put away your medications or food and not just on the counter (for sudden counter surfers) but in a high cupboard.

Accidents happen to the best dog owners, so make sure you are prepared. The numbers for your vet as well as the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (1-888-426-4435) should be kept somewhere like in your phone or on the fridge.

By keeping your pet dog healthy, you are making him happier and extending his life!


Article by Cassandra